For many people, the prospect of filing for bankruptcy can be scary, but the truth is that countless hard-working families come out of bankruptcy in better financial health than when they filed. The vast majority of people are able to keep their house, cars, retirement, and other property. If you’re facing garnishments, suffering due to losing a job, illness, or just struggling to make it from pay check to pay check, then contact us today to find out if bankruptcy can help you get back on track.

Divorce, Child Custody and Support, Visitation

Divorce is difficult for anyone, and the issues arising from it can be complicated and delicate. Our first goal in any case is to ease as much of that stress as possible by providing you with sound, experienced advice and honest counsel. Family law cases are unique unto themselves, and no two cases or families are identical. We work to make sure that your case is treated with the respect and attention you deserve and expect.


A legal guardianship is used when the parents of a child can no longer care for that child, or in situations where an adult family member can no longer care for himself or herself. Guardianships most commonly occur when a grandparent or other family member are left to care for a child. Guardianships provide protection not only for the child, but for the parents and the caretakers as well. A guardianship may also be necessary when a minor child inherits or is awarded assets that need to be managed and protected until they are old enough to handle it.


The Burns Law Firm provides services to families for step-parent adoptions, single-parent adoptions, and adult adoptions. The time and cost for these proceedings depends on the nature of the type of adoption and the complexity of the situation.

Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney

While no one wants to think about the hard decisions that come at the end of life, planning for your future is an important process that can provide both you and your children with security and peace of mind. Whether you need a simple will or a complex trust agreement, our office is able to help. We also provide powers of attorney, beneficiary deeds and trusts, reciprocal wills for spouses, and many other estate planning tools. We structure your estate to fit your life, and do so in a way that you can understand and manage with confidence.


Losing someone you love is hard enough without having to deal with the stress and burden of handling the estate they leave behind. Our firm is here to guide you through the probate process as efficiently and affordably as possible. If you’ve recently lost someone and aren’t sure what needs to be done next, contact us to find out what steps need to be taken.

Business Organization, Contracts, and Land Sale Transactions

If you’re starting a new business, need a contract, or are buying or selling property, our firm is here to help. Many people attempt to handle these matters on their own, only to find themselves in trouble because they didn’t fully plan for or understand everything that needs to be done. Most small business matters and transactions can be completed for very low cost, and the time and money spent to do it right on the front end can save you frustration and loss down the road.